Aviva Premiership 2015-2016 Round 3 Predictions

We are only a couple of weeks into the season and already we have had some wonderful rugby, here are my predictions for round 3. First here is a link to my round 2 review. How did the round 2 predictions go? 5 from 6, that's twice now that I have been 1 pick away... Continue Reading →

Bath to become Italy’s first Super League team

Bath and Burgess have crashed Twitter today as rumours spread like wildfire! It turns out that these rumours were seeded by Bath themselves as a smoke screen. A representative of Bath said off the record, that they couldn't believe how successful their plan had worked in bringing down Twitter. The two rumours were that Bruce... Continue Reading →

Rugby Thoughts – Aviva Premiership Salary Cap

I talked about Governance of the game previously and the Aviva Premiership news that they have finished their salary cap investigations with a cash settlement has brought it to the forefront again. The piece that got me back to the key board though was listening to Brian Moore interviewing Quentin Smith the Chairman of the Aviva... Continue Reading →

#RugbyChat – 27 October

We talked about the Rugby World Cup finalists and the domestic competitions that are going on. Here are some of the best bits. I'm sorry that with the clocks changing that this is now earlier in the UK. https://twitter.com/samrockz13/status/658896600354435072 Q1 #ARG lost key players to injury and it's been a theme of #RWC2015, has the game... Continue Reading →

Weekend Rugby Review – 26 October

We witnessed a wonderful weekend of rugby both at the Rugby World Cup and in the domestic competitions some of which were kicking off and others at their finals. Here is my review of the weekend's action. Rugby World Cup South Africa 18 - 20 New Zealand Argentina 15 - 29 Australia 1 from 2, it appears... Continue Reading →

Rugby Thoughts – Home Country Coaches

With all the home countries crashing out of the rugby World Cup the status of the four coaches has come under the spot light. I'm sure that the we would also be looking at the coaches of Italy and France if they weren't already being replaced. Vern Cotter Scotland probably had the best Rugby World... Continue Reading →

Who’s the second best team in the world?

If you ask which team is the best in the world you will only get one answer however begrudgingly it's given. However if you ask about second you'll get different answers. Over the last couple of months there have been 4 different teams at number 2 in World Rugby's rankings. Depending on how results go... Continue Reading →

Aviva Premiership 2015-2016 Round 2 Predictions

The Aviva Premiership kicked off with a bang last weekend even if eyes were looking at the Rugby World Cup. Here are my predictions for round 2. Here is a link to my review of the quarter finals. How did the round 1 predictions go? 4 from 6, I put too much weighting on preseason and I... Continue Reading →

Rugby World Cup 2015 Semi Final Predictions

We have just two more weekends of World Cup rugby to go. Here are my predictions for the semi finals.  Here is a link to my review of the quarter finals. How did the quarter final predictions go? 3 from 4, I thought that Ireland would be able to contain Argentina. Without Sexton though they... Continue Reading →

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