Rugby World Cup 2015 Week 3 Predictions

We are heading into the 3rd week of an exciting Rugby World Cup. Things calmed down a little bit on the upsets from last week so here is how I see week 3 going. First here are links to my mid-week and weekend reviews. How did your predictions go last week? 9 from 11, I... Continue Reading →

Weekend Rugby Review – 28 September

Another good week of Rugby from the World Cup even if we had a few less upsets. Here's my review of the weekend's action. Rugby World Cup Argentina 54 - 9 Georgia Italy 23 - 18 Canada South Africa 46 - 6 Samoa England 25 - 28 Wales Australia 65 - 3 Uruguay Scotland 39 - 16 USA Ireland 44 - 10... Continue Reading →

The RWC Schedule: A Tier 2 Handicap?

When the Rugby World Cup match schedule was announced World Rugby stated it was the fairest yet. That they had reduced the short turnarounds and evened them up across tier 1 and tier 2. The mainstream press didn't ask questions. Now we have an outcry about the unfair turnarounds that some teams are having to... Continue Reading →

Is New Zealand’s paranoia with France justified?

It wasn't until I started the #RugbyChat that I understood how France worries Kiwis more than any other team come Rugby World Cup time. There is this belief that France always comes good at Rugby World Cups, well let's look at their results and see. The seed for this piece was an article in the... Continue Reading →

Rugby Thoughts – The repercussions of that win by Japan

Japan's win over South Africa is already being called the biggest upset in Rugby World Cup history. Argentina's upset win over France in the opening game of the 2007 Rugby World Cup led to them coming 3rd overall and getting a place in The Rugby Championship. What could this lead to? First I want to... Continue Reading →

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