History of the Haka

Sharing Sunday: With the Bledisloe Cup last night I thought it was a good idea to share this piece on the history of the Haka.

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      1. Hi Expat Dad SG! I am just sending you a quick msg to say that you might be interested in my latest blog on rugby anthems and songs.

        I am not a rugby blogger but I like to blog about sport from time to time if there is historical value in them.

        I also wanted to say that in case you went exploring and found that there is a lot of empty links etc. on my blog…thats because there are..for now!

        I am a History Teacher in Ireland and I want to build a website of sorts to help students through the subject as many have said it is quite a difficult subject. Hopefully I will have the whole thing done soon enough! Here is a link to the “About” section in case you think I write about random stuff 🙂 https://jryantheaed.wordpress.com/about-2/

        Anyways, happy blogging and thanks for reading. Looking forward to Rugby WC 2015!

          1. Hi, no I didn’t think of that! I’ll look into this when I get the chance! I’ll be keeping an eye on Samoa and the likes in that case….Thank you for your suggestion!

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