Junior Rugby World Championship 2015 Finals predictions

It feels like the tournament has only just started and the finals are upon us! Here are my predictions.

First here is a link to my review of the semi finals.

How did the semi final predictions go?

3 from 6, got the obvious ones and didn’t get the upsets basically.

Argentina U20 v Japan U20

Japan effectively won their final in the last game. It means they have qualified for next year. Argentina have also only have won one game. However they have looked more accomplished and should end on a positive note by some margin.

Argentina U20 by 30

Ireland U20 v Scotland U20

Ireland started with two good wins but have stumbled since then. Maybe the short turn around between games has taken its toll. Scotland’s impressive win over Argentina has been their only win as Australia proved too much to handle. However I’m still backing them to reverse the defeat to Ireland earlier in this tournament.

Scotland U20 by 6

Wales U20 v Australia U20

Australia only just missed out on the top playoff group. So even though Wales have managed to put two wins together I think they will find this game a step too far.

Australia U20 by 15

Italy U20 v Samoa U20

Samoa looked dangerous earlier in the tournament but failed to get the results. The hosts Italy are the only side to have lost all their games. So even though Samoa have not managed to turn early promise into results I think they’ll get a second win over the hosts.

Samoa U20 by 10

France U20 v South Africa U20

Third/forth finals are always tricky things. To have come so close but not to have made it can have a tangible physiology impact. I have no idea how these two teams will react to that. So even though I’m backing South Africa by a couple of scores it’s not with total confidence. They came into this as one of the favourites so will be the more disappointed.

South Africa U20 by 10

New Zealand U20 v England U20

England have won this tournament for the last two years as the academy system really shows it’s worth. This year they have not looked as dominant but stepped up when it mattered. New Zealand have been their typical efficient destructive selves. Can England shut down the All Black machine? I don’t think so and I can’t see them being as lethal with the turnover ball that will be available. But they have stepped up before….

New Zealand U20 by 10

The Rugby Championship

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