The National Rugby Championships: Pathway to Super Rugby

Sharing Sunday: An interesting post looking at the impact of the NRC on the Australian Super Rugby franchises. Also looking at the number of debutants for the Reds maybe it’s not all down to bad coaching…..

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  1. First of all, thanks for the reblog mate.
    It is interesting to note the number of debutants who have made the transition from NRC since I originally posted this article.
    The Reds of blooded five more (Pettowa Paraka, Lolo Fasaosilea, Jake McIntyre, Sam Greene and Andrew Ready) and the Force have debuted one (Guy Millar).
    This brings the total number of NRC players who have earned Super Rugby debuts to 25, twelve of which are from the Queensland Reds.

    1. That’s a large number of players to bring into your squad and those are only the inexperienced ones! No wonder the Reds are struggling this year.

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