LV= Cup 2014-2015 Final Prediction

The big day is nearly upon us, the first major silverware of the season is about to be presented, here is my prediction for the final of the LV=Cup.

What do you mean major silverware?

Well the A league has already finished with Saracens winning that so there has already been one piece of silverware handed out. That one though is for the second teams of each club and so not considered major.

How did the predictions go for the semi-finals?

0 out of two, so shocking really. I underestimated the strength in-depth of Saracens which I shouldn’t have done with their A league win.

Here is a link to my review of the semi-finals.

Saracens v Exeter Chiefs

This should be a really good game with two clubs who have continued to take the tournament in the spirit that it has grown into. That means I expect both sides to keep with the players that got them this far and so see plenty of fringe and upcoming academy players on show. Both teams are fighting it out for playoff spots in the Aviva Premiership and are in the quarter finals of their european competitions so there is plenty of rugby to come for both clubs. So they will want their fringe players to have some game time incase they are needed.

As I have already said above Saracens won the A league this season and many of those players will also be playing this weekend. Last week was impressive how they kept themselves in the game when Saints were on top and then came back to win.

Exeter have been one of the top clubs recently for bringing through talent from their academy. That means that whilst this side will have some academy players it also means that established players have been pushed down the pecking order and will be playing here. So expect to see a god mix of experience and youth, for example one of the premiership’s most accurate kickers will probably be on the bench.

This is a really hard one to call and as I’m a Chiefs supporter I’m trying to look at this as impartially as possible. So I might be over doing that by going for a narrow Saracens win due to their A league form.

Saracens win

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