6 Nations 2015 Round 5 Predictions

It’s gone down to the final weekend, all the talk of deciding games has proved to be premature. Here are my predictions for the final round of games.

How did your predictions go last round?

2 out of 3, Ireland weren’t as accurate with their play and Wales pulled out a grand performance.

I expect all the top 3 teams to win their games so it means it all comes down to points difference. The way things stand it’s:

England +37
Ireland +33
Wales +12

I made my predictions including margins before looking at this so it’s going to be interesting how I see it finishing.

Italy v Wales

Wales put in a massive amount of effort against the Irish and a lot is going to depend on how well they have managed to recover. It’s also not just the physical but also the mental impact. There will be a feeling of having got the job done but they need to raise themselves for another battle. They will be expected to win and win bit but Wales’s largest margin of victory in Rome as been 17 points in the 6 Nations. However Italy have lost all their games this tournament, except the win over Scotland, by more than 20 points.

Wales by 25 points

Scotland v Ireland

Surprisingly Ireland have lost their last two games up in Edinburgh. A lot of pundits backed Scotland to win at least one game with their improved performances and also November international results. Unfortunately I can’t see that happening and it’s going to be a matter of the margin. As I can’t see Scotland being able to put in a performance like the Welsh.

Ireland by 15 points

England v France

England have been better than expected with the injuries but in some ways that has helped with selection. England should be able to front up to the French power game and with Ford pulling the strings for JJ and the back three to use their creativity to score the points.

Except for the Italy game, all of Frances games have been within 7 points either winning or losing. Historically England v France games have had single figure margins so I’m not expecting a big margin.

England by 10 points

So how does that leave the table?

Ireland +48
England +47
Wales +37

So if we go by my predictions, it looks like Wales left themselves too much to do. Whilst I have Ireland one point ahead of England it’s clearly too tight to call and will be a tense day of rugby.

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