Touch Rugby – The first game

The season has finally started and I have played my first competitive game!

Before I get too impressed with myself we need to remember that this is social mixed touch. But I survived and have been in a lot of pain the couple of days afterwards.

But I get ahead of myself, I was diligent and there early but another team had all their members before anyone else turned up! At least they didn’t know what the rules were so it wasn’t intimidating.┬áMy team turned up in plenty of time but one player didn’t have black top. So I gave up my shirt and played in one of those constriction shirts. Not the look I was going for with my middle-aged un-exercised physique.

Anyway got into the game and managed some touches and even got told some were good touches. Some of those required diving and skinned my knee and him, lovely pictures below. I even got to carry the ball up a couple of times but nothing more than that. Luckily we have a couple of guys who can dance around a bit and the game felt close. After what felt like forever and required me to sub off several times before the hooter sounded. To my amazement we won 9-3!


Been sore all this week, not only from the lack of skin but also muscles. Thankfully I have a family birthday this weekend and so will be missing the second round which hopefully will allow my wounds to heal.


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PS you can play guess the body parts in the comments section below if you want….

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