Touch Rugby – Pre-season is over

So this coming weekend the season starts, here’s the story of my pre-season.

The stories that come out of pre-season normally include things like training so hard that people are sick and running up and down hills. The more modern pre-season for Super Rugby have seen players hitchhiking long distances or paddling sinking canoes out to volcanic islands.

Well there was nothing like that, a couple of social run outs before christmas for which I even did a couple of 5K run walking intervals. Christmas got in the way and broke the rhythm and suddenly the season was upon me. There were two weekends and one was booked for a trip to Eketahuna. So I did manage to have one run out and boy was I stiff the next day. I have no idea how far I ran as our kit (any old black t-shirt) doesn’t have a pocket for my GPS system (iPhone). If there are any kit manufactures out there that would like to sponsor our team so that I can let the good folk on here know how far I run in a game, please get in touch. I can make sure that your generosity will be read by at least my mum.

So my couple of run outs mean that I have a handle on the rules, which is a good start but I still haven’t played a real game. I have only met 1 member of our team and I don’t even know how long a game lasts for! So whilst I have a start I’m far from really knowing what’s going on. Anyway I’ll let you know how I and my team get on over the 6 week season of social touch as school parents do battle.

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