Super Rugby 2015 Preview

Sorry I have run out of time and I have not written a preview for the Super Rugby season. In its place here are some links to previews and other interesting articles or posts about the upcoming season.


Here are a couple of links so that you can see who has left and joined each franchise:

ESPN Scrum – Super Rugby squads: Ins and outs

Wikipedia – List of 2014–15 Super Rugby transfers

Pre-Season Articles

A couple of pre-season articles that I liked, first up Rugby World – Rugby statistics: Can we predict the 2015 Super Rugby winner? Where they look at attack and defence stats as well as travel and strength non-conference opposition.

Green and Gold Rugby take a different approach to reviewing the Australian teams, Why your Aussie Super Rugby team sucks.

Planet Rugby have provided a wrap-up of how the pre-season has gone, Super Rugby: Pre-season wrap.

Obviously there is also my trip to Eketahuna.

Season Previews

ESPN Scrum have done it by country Aus, NZ and SA including video chats about the sides.

Planet Rugby have provided a summary review where you can click into a team by team preview, Super Rugby 2015: Team-by-team.

From the blogging world Rugby Reviewer is previewing the NZ teams.

Clearly there are many more out there but that should wet the appetite. Also don’t forget to join my Super Rugby SuperBru prediction league.

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