Touch Rugby – The first step

Whilst I watch, listen, read and write about rugby, I haven’t played much since school. That’s all about to change.

School is a longtime ago and after two back operations I’m not stupid enough to sign-up for contact rugby. I did play one corporate 7s tournament and got really lucky. Torrential rain meant that as I was brushed off the only tackle I attempted, it was like falling in a swimming pool. Being on the equator it was also 32 degrees so nice and warm too. BTW the reason there were no other tackles was a lack of game time after that missed tackle.

So I have signed-up for social touch rugby starting in February. I have played a couple of times as part of the training for the corporate 7s. Hopefully I remember the rules but it was about 7 years ago. Also this should give me time to get some fitness and not collapse after 2 minutes.

Well best laid plans and all that, apparently there’s going to be a game this coming Wednesday. Think it’s going to be painful however little contact there might be.

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