November Internationals 2014 Round 5 Predictions

And so we enter into the last paragraph, here are my predictions for the final weekend of international rugby.

First up here’s a link to my review of last weekend’s action.

So how did your predictions go last weekend?

6 out of 9 is OK considering that two games that I got wrong were between 2nd tier teams that I don’t know so well.

England vĀ Australia

Both teams have had mixed (to put it nicely) international series so far. England are coming off a win but have already had two losses against the big three. Australia have two wins but one was against the Barbarians and the other Wales who were undercooked. Add to this there two teams meet next year in the group stage of the world cup.

At the beginning of the month I would have confidently backed England who tend to perform well against Australia. Australia had a now coach and off the field were in turmoil. Three rounds of games later I’m not so confident and changed my choice several times. So I think it’s a coin flip and I’m going for England.

England win

Wales v South Africa

Well Wales still haven’t beaten one of the big three southern hemisphere nations in living memory. OK I’m being harsh but it has been a long time and maybe this weekend is going to be their best opportunity. Up against Australia they were undercooked having spent so much time on fitness that they don’t get from domestic rugby. Last weekend against the All Blacks they did look good for most of the game.

South Africa have not looked totally convincing but they are still 2 wins from 3, the last team to beat the All Blacks and ranked second in the world. So I’m still going to go with the southern hemisphere team even though I think Wales will be close again.

South Africa win

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