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Apparently we are going through a great podcast renaissance, well as there are so few rugby options out there I don’t think it’s reached the UK. Anyway here is my review of the rugby podcasts I have come across.

I’m part of the cult of Apple and so I’ll only be covering podcasts that I’ve been able to find on iTunes. I know that there are more out there but if they don’t auto drop onto my phone it’s just too difficult. Also this time I’ll be concentrating on England focused ones, if you know of any other good podcasts please comment below.

Full Contact Rugby Show

This is Brian Moore’s Sunday radio show on TalkSPORT in the UK. Brian is one of those Marmite people who you either like or don’t. Personally I like his insights and not giving a dam about what most people think.

Brian has a different studio guest each week from the world of rugby, normally a current player. Whilst English rugby is the main focus, over the hour and a half several folks will dial in to talk about various topics. Brian tires to cover all top-level rugby so their invariably someone representing the Pro12 and Top14 will dial in. Also if there has been significant international rugby down under then a SH expert will be on the phone. During the SuperLeague season Rugby League gets a slot.

Two sections though that Brian needs to be commended on are the coverage of women’s top level English rugby. Also to end the show, Nigel Owens joins to give a referees perspective and answer law questions.

Brian is an experienced broadcaster and whilst it’s a professional show with expertise it’s pitched at a level that’s very accessible.

The Eggchasers Rugby Podcast

The self-proclaimed underdogs who don’t take rugby or themselves to seriously. This is 3 mates who again primarily cover English rugby. But they also have a look at the Pro12. It really has a mates down the pub feel and sometimes they do go off on tangents, for example chatting about the adventure race and running past burning bales of hay. Fortunately that’s the exception to the rule.

Whilst they are a bunch of mates having a chat, it’s professionally put together as one is a radio DJ and so they have access to the kit and expertise. Also they know their rugby, finding out things such as Saracens use of Deloitte to number crunch how opposition teams play.

This is the first podcast on my listening list each week.

5 live Sport Specials

5 live Rugby podcasts are on this stream every now and then. One of the annoying things is that you don’t know when they are going to be there and there are so many shows that just are no interest to you.

When the show is there it’s hosted by a bunch of famous ex-professionals. This gives you good insights or at least it should. Another problem is that it feels like your sat on the outside listening in on a conversation that you’re not supposed to be part of. It’s good they’re being chummy but not that there are so many in jokes. Yes I do listen to it but I wish it was better.

Nev’s Left Boot Podcast

Nev’s left boot is a Harlequins fans podcast and is less professional than the others in this list. As they only have to talk about one team you get a much more in-depth review and preview of the games. It’s also shorter at only half an hour, see if you can spot the cat’s interruptions, I’ve missed them so far.

This time it’s two friends and the wit is drier, I do like the in-depth analysis even if I’m surprised at their pessimism about Quins upcoming games sometimes. They can take the odd week off and comes across as something that the two of the do when they feel like having a chat.

Total Rugby Radio

This is the IRB produced rugby podcast. This is a world view and tries to show the good work that the IRB is doing to spread the game along side interviews with well known players and coaches. It is very much a corporate magazine show and is the one podcast that I dip in and out of watching. I’m not bothered if I miss a few shows and may catchup if I have a bunch of train journeys, where as I listen to the others in the list pretty much every week.

I know that there are others out there such as the Pow Wow but as they are not on iTunes I don’t get to listen to them. If you know the links to other podcasts or names of ones on iTunes that I can subscribe to then please share in a comment below.

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