LV= Cup 2014-2015 Round 1 Predictions

So here we go with the Anglo-Welsh Cup, but there are only Anglo teams playing this weekend. Here are my predictions for the least loved competition. First up a couple of house keeping items. My tournament preview can be found here. Due to a scheduling conflict with the Pro12 the Welsh will be playing this... Continue Reading →

November Internationals 2014 Round 1 Predictions

This coming weekend is not officially in the international window but there are a couple of games kicking off. Japan v New Zealand Maori Japan are a much improving nation and with the world cup there in 5 years time there is a conceded effort to help them improve. Last year the All Blacks played... Continue Reading →

The Class of 2013 – England’s Junior World Cup Winners

England won the junior world cup in 2013 for the first time. The best players of their age group. How are they coping now they are not competing just against those their own age but against players from 15 or so age groups? Let's see where they are now and how they are getting on.... Continue Reading →

European Rugby Cups 2014-2015 Round 1 Predictions

The first block of domestic rugby is now over and we kick off the two new European Rugby competitions. Here are my predictions. First up here are the links to my previews for the competitions: European Rugby Champions Cup 2014-2015 Preview European Rugby Challenge Cup 2014-2015 Preview Quick disclaimer, I don't follow the Pro12 or... Continue Reading →

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