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It’s evil how corporations want globalisation to sell their stuff but don’t want it for us to buy it. The latest one that’s causing a headache is printers.

Canon have decided that you can only have a printer from the region you are now in. This is purely so they can sell the same thing at different prices in different parts of the world. So if you live in Asia and buy your printer there all’s fine. But it’s landfill as soon as you move countries as the NZ cartridges have a chip in them not to work with an Asian printer.

Hopefully I can get the cartridge refilled but that’s only a short-term solution and I will have to buy new printer sooner or later.


The other technology thing that annoys me is plugs. Why do we have to different plug shapes around the world? Why can’t all sockets be universal ones? Please stop this enforced waste!


A few weeks back I mentioned that we have got a composting bin. Well now we have come across a composting workshop that also talks about worm farming and bokashi (whatever that is).

It’s provided for free by the Kaipatiki project, working towards a totally sustainable Auckland. They do other courses about cycling, bee keeping and having your own chickens. My favourite though is titled Nana Technologies, not read what it covers but sounds great.

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