Auckland Shorts – Fathers Day

Some thoughts about Father’s Day in Auckland and the weather we have been having.
Fathers Day

So Father’s Day in Singapore would normally be breakfast in bed from the kids. Then all go out for brunch, normally with free flow Champaign.

It’s been a little different here. I still got a lie in which was great. Well done Mitre 10 and Bunnings your adverts didn’t get me a father’s day present, but it did set the seed for what to do. Yup a morning of gardening, cutting things back and filling up the compost bin. It was strangely therapeutic and the kids loved just messing around and exploring. Then it was a walk up to the fabulous Meadowbank bakery for lunch. If you’re in the area it’s definitely worth popping into for a pie and pastry.


Actually to be fair it probably was the weather rather than the advertising, a lovely sunny day to herald the beginning of spring. So a very different day but still very enjoyable.



Oh yer and there is plenty of weeding still to be done.


I’m not ready to accept that winter has fully released its hold. Just last week I was putting a hot water bottle inside my body warmer to stay warm. We could tell it was really cold as our youngest actually wanted to wear socks! The poor thing who was born and spent all her life until now on the equator, hasn’t had to wear socks before, well except to the cinema. Anyone who has been to a cinema in Singapore will know what I’m talking about. They are the coldest places in Singapore, air-conditioned to the max. I think that they are colder than Snow City.

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