Creamy Bacon Pasta

Recently been doing some cooking so thought I’d write-up about the experience and maybe inspire some other dads to help out in the kitchen every so often.

Basically my approach is to find a recipe on the internet and then see what’s in the fridge/cupboards and come up with something that hopefully doesn’t give everybody food poisoning.

For the creamy bacon pasta the starting recipe was from Straight away there were a couple of problems, we had peas the previous night and I wanted to cook tagliatelle not spaghetti. But the basic steps are still the same.

Very simple and takes 2 pans, 1 for the pasta and 1 for the sauce. So get your water boiling with some olive oil and salt, put in the pasta to cook.

In the linked recipe they cook the bacon in an oiled pan and then basically throw everything else in. As I had cauliflower and carrots which I consider longer cook vegetables I got the those and the garlic in fairly quickly after the bacon. I’d normally also put in onions at this point but we didn’t have any.

Once all cooked, add in the cream (basically what we had left not the measure in the recipe), grated Parmigiano-Reggiano or parmesan, parsley and coriander (looked both the same to me when my wife brought them in from the garden). Add in the drained pasta with some salt and pepper and you are all done.

My wife and I liked is as did the elder of the 2 little girls but my younger one did leave a bit.

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