Espresso Coffee School

Bumped into this little hole in the wall between meetings. Planned on doing another post but loved this little place so thought I’d strike whilst the iron was hot.

It’s just a little place on Swanson Street, only got 2 tables inside one of which is an old school desk. Clearly most people will just grab and run but the room out the back is a nice little hole to hide for a while. Cool decor with a red map of the world on the wall, perhaps they should do something with that like visitors or where their coffee comes from.

I liked the coffee which is guerrilla coffee, seen the logo around the place and should probably have a look to see who they are. As I’m writing this post in the place clearly it also provides free WIFI, which is rare around here.

OK so why am I so taken by it even with the above? Where else do you get to overhear discussions about the commercialisation of music? People losing their roots and rapping like Americans? Yup it’s not all professionals even though there are 2 guys having an intro meeting next to me. So it’s a little escape from the CBD.

They also do food, grabbed a savoury pretzel with goats cheese that I have wolfed down, the staff are friendly as well offering a napkin as they saw the mess I was making. So yes nice little place to get away from it but might get a bit packed around lunch time.

Normally this is where I put how much it all cost. Well they make it difficult, you pay what you want and they also do the suspend coffee thing where you pay for an extra coffee so that someone else can have a free one. BTW they have 4 queued up at the mo…..

Espresso Coffee School
15 Swanson Street




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