Citrus Cafe

A lovely little local café.

Hidden down Meadowbank Road towards the train station is a small row of shops that is fairly nondescript, even if it does house our local fish & chip takeaway. Cozying up at the end of the row is Citrus Cafe.

It’s a place that I have walked past quite a few times and with it being so close to home I hadn’t until today found an excuse to pop in. Today though I was on the playgroup duty and so treated myself to an espresso coffee as the community hall is nesseled behind the row of shops.

The café always has people in and for a small place it has quite a few tables, including the big shared one that I like. It’s a place that groups of mums hang out and conveniently they do have a small playpen with a couple of toys inside but you couldn’t squeeze more than 2 little ones in there.

The coffee was good, service pleasant and atmosphere inviting. It’s just a shame that I didn’t have time to kickback and chill. I didn’t get a chance to try the food but will be trying to find an excuse to eat there in the not too distant future. The main problem with the place is that it’s closed on Sundays which is precisely when a place within walking distance that does brunch would be great.

Citrus Cafe
139 Meadowbank Road

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