Auckland Shorts – Fridges

Quick gardening update and some other thoughts from the land of the long white cloud. Reading back, they are short shorts this time.

Gardening Update

We have flowers on our strawberry plants, just need some bees to do some pollinating!

Walk in fridges

In Singapore they have wall in fridges at garden centres for the cut flowers. Here they have walk in fridges for the beer. Explain anything a about the different cultures? Maybe….


Why do all cafés in Auckland close at 4pm or earlier? Getting an afternoon coffee can be a real mission and forget a late night hot chocolate!


Plunket are an organisation that organise lots of stuff for preschool kids including the nurse for the early year checkups. But for people relocating the drop in play groups that they organise are great. These are self funded but ours is only $3 and that includes a tea or coffee. It’s just free play and you stay with your kids but it’s a really good place to meet people and ask where stuff is.


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