Auckland Shorts

Some thoughts on trains, alcohol and parenting, well kind of.


Been on the train a few times now and you can get an empty chair all the way into Britomart on a train that arrived at 10 to 9 in the morning, amazing! The only time I have seen it full was 5pm heading out of town due to a west ham football game.
Also it’s got to be the only line where the train pulls in and then reverses out of a station mid route. Poor planning I think.
Alcohol isn’t for sale in all supermarkets and this leads to lots of liquor stores. This is taking some getting used to but the nearly ubiquitous walk in fridges for the beer is a good idea.
Does every cafe have art for sale? Thought it was a cool quirky idea but it’s gone a little over the top.
The weekend
Had a weekend of balanced parenting. Saturday went to the garden centre and planted strawberries, herbs and lavender with them. Pics on ExpatDadSG Facebook page.
Then Sunday it was “turn them into zombies” by sitting them in the cinema for Tinkerbell and the Pirate Fairy.

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    1. The little one has been dressing up as a fairy all week so I think we can call it a hit 🙂

      Yup but after we planted them we read that you need 5 plants per person. We only planted 6…….

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