Charity is big business today so how does a charity stand out? With all these charities and good causes how do you choose one? Once you have do you have any idea what your money is really spent on? In the last 2 months since arriving in New Zealand we have bought ginger bread horses... Continue Reading →

Citrus Cafe

A lovely little local café. Hidden down Meadowbank Road towards the train station is a small row of shops that is fairly nondescript, even if it does house our local fish & chip takeaway. Cozying up at the end of the row is Citrus Cafe. It's a place that I have walked past quite a... Continue Reading →

Auckland Shorts – Fridges

Quick gardening update and some other thoughts from the land of the long white cloud. Reading back, they are short shorts this time. Gardening Update We have flowers on our strawberry plants, just need some bees to do some pollinating! Walk in fridges In Singapore they have wall in fridges at garden centres for the... Continue Reading →

What is ALS?

I don't know and you're not going to find a definition here, obviously you can Google it or look on Wikipedia if you want the details. I already know more just by getting those links for you such as it's also know as MND, or at least a type of it. Let's be honest most of... Continue Reading →

House Hunting

When you land in a new city one of the things that starts out a fun but quickly becomes a hassle is finding somewhere to live. You'd think that it would be the same process the world over, but no, each place has its own idiosyncrasies. In Hong Kong because of the small size of... Continue Reading →

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