Sierra Cafe – Henderson

Yes I know it’s out west and back of beyond but it’s where the visa office is.

It was worrying looking like McDonalds was going to be our only option until we spotted the big cafe sign. Turned out to be a good spot as it’s next to a liqueur store and allowed me to stock up on beers.
Anyway to the cafe, as you may know this is a chain of cafés. But even so if this one is anything to go by I like the formula. Basic decor nothing to get excited or upset about there. But I go like the big table where either a big group can hang out or a bunch of couples can sit, with the paper available to read.
The menu had a few eye openers for me being fresh off the boat. Apparently mince on toast is a kiwi speciality. None of us went for it though. I went for the traditional big breakfast which was good apart from the overly crisp hash brown. We got the kids pancakes with an extra banana. That’s the other thing I have learned from kiwi breakfasts, banana goes well with bacon! The current trend seams to be to cut the banana in half longways still in the skin and either cool or have raw.
But the menu isn’t just a list of traditional dishes for example my wife ordered avocado adventure. It said that it came on ciabatta but was more of a salad and couldn’t find the humus. Still it was nice just not what was expected.
They did make the kids drinks real fun.


So add in 2 ice chocolates, a hot chocolate, 2 fluffies and a flat white it came to $80.

Sierra Cafe
111 Lincoln Rd
Henderson, 0644

2 ice chocolates
Hot chocolate
2 fluffies
Flat white

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