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Took the kids to Zirka Circus today, here’s what we thought.

Zirka is a new circus in New Zealand, no animals, just people, so a real modern circus. But this isn’t some multimillion dollar production. For example 2 adult and 2 kid tickets came to NDZ 120 which won’t even get you a midlevel ticket for some Cirque du Soleil shows in September.

Zirka put on a two-hour show with a 15 min intermission and whilst it’s all modern show deep down it’s a traditional circus. The folks who sell the candy floss, ice creams and popcorn are performers and clowns show you to your seats. Also don’t worry if your on the back row, there are only 7 rows of seats, it’s more important to get seats in the centre. Even though the seats wrap round the circus ring the acts are performed to the centre like on a traditional stage.

My 2-year-old and 5-year-old loved it. There were magic acts, contortionists, hula hoop tricks, acrobats and spinning footballs on fingers. But the acts that stood out were, the tumblers jumping through hoops in all sorts of different ways and up to 6 feet high. The lady juggling an umbrella with her feet, she even juggled a huge urn with one of the kids from the audience sitting inside it. The big finally was the wheel of death where 2 guys walk around inside two hoops that spin round high-up into the top of the tent. Was really impressive especially when he was doing it blindfolded!

After all of that the act that the kids loved the most were the clowns. It’s the one act that you are worried about is the clowns as they can scare the kids. Here it was done really well with both of them dressed up as business men. Had all the kids in the tent in stitches, very funny duo.

So this show comes totally recommended and good luck to this new and young New Zealand circus.

Website: www.zirkacircus.com

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