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Due to the wet and cold weather and the girls getting used to the new bugs in Auckland we haven’t got out to many parks yet, but at the weekend we made it out to Mission Bay.

After spending the morning in Kelly Tarlton’s we headed further round the coast to Selwyn domain. We spotted the playground and gave the kids a quick play before going for lunch.

There’s a good range of equipment at the playground, split into 4 areas. There’s the swings with a configuration that I’ve seen a couple of times now a couple of times in New Zealand. They have the swings in a circle so that they all swing into the middle and the kids can talk to each other but don’t touch.

There’s a sandpit and wet play area, which we have to fight to keep the kids out. Will be good in the summer but not in this weather for us. Even┬áso there were some kids playing in there splashing around.


A younger kids climbing and slide area (in the foreground) and finally an older kids climbing and slide area (in the back ground). Both good for the kids even if the younger kids one could do with some simple steps to a slide.

Even in this weather you can see the playground was busy and with a good range of restaurants on the road behind it makes for a good morning out destination. Get the kids running around so they are good and hungry and then feed them. We went to the Attic Bar and I’ll be doing a write-up later. In the summer I can imagine that the large grass area would be good for picnics as well.

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  1. We were travelling NZ more before kids, and have since mainly been visiting relatives while in the country. Haven’t been to many playgrounds… no need when on the countryside.

    But since you are in Auckland, I wanted to recommend to visit the Rangitoto volcano (maybe when it gets a bit warmer…)! The boat trip would be fun for the kids and the island is beautiful even if you wouldn’t make the walk up to the top. It is an easy walk but can be long for short legs.

    In case you are interested, a while back I put together a post on my favourite free things in NZ (but didn’t especially have kids in mind when writing. Most of it would be adjustable though):

    Hope it gets warmer soon!

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