Auckland Shorts – Sleeves

A few more thoughts from Auckland.


For my daughters long sleeves were just for going to the cinema and airplanes. So the whole thing about when to roll your sleeves up is totally new to them. Hopefully washing will be made easier once they learn to keep their sleeves put of their food.
Warmth is the other thing, dry sleeves help so roll them up for washing your hands. So always kept them rolled up? Nope you need to hold them down whilst putting on your coat, it’s all so complicated!


Last game of the season for the Blues so got myself a ticket. Good that you get a free train ride with it and with the station right next to the ground a heat way to get there. Bloody cold and wet meant I gave up after 20 mins but can otherwise recommend the general admittance tickets. Got a good seat straight behind the posts, friendly crowd but a real lack of places to get a hot drink. Apparently there are 2 places at the opposite ends of the ground but the fresh doughnuts are great.

Bluebells Cakery

Got lucky coming across this place whilst out house hunting. Driving down Hillsborough road looking for a coffee, I bumped into this place. Good coffee and some lovely cupcakes for afternoon tea. So if you’re in this area of town (161A Hillsborough road) do drop in, it’s only a small place with 1 table inside and a couple outside so possibly better for takeaways.


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