Auckland Shorts – Initial Thoughts

So we have landed and pre-move concerns about the weather are fully founded.

Yup the cold and to a lesser extent the rain has been the main topic since we have arrived. Also it’s been a fun cause of comments from the kids. “Warmup isn’t a real word” sorry my dear but yes it is, you just don’t hear it very often in Singapore.
Something else that you don’t get in Singapore are plugin heaters. Obviously we have had to explain to the kids not to touch them. The description by our little one calling it a little sun in our house was a beauty.
There are a whole host of little things that we need to teach the kids. Simple things such as holding your selves when putting on a coat or getting your clothes ready before taking off your pjs. Things you don’t need to think about in 32 degree heat.
Seasons are also a new experience. This led to todays’ gem when our youngest pointed out that some of the trees don’t have leaves.
Public Transport
We haven’t ventured very far yet and haven’t used public transport. But it might not have been as easy as we would have liked. Some bus stops don’t have any info on the routes that they service. Auckland council get to sorted.

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  1. Maybe a few seasons of Flight of the Conchords will assist the acclimatization process … They’ll be back wearing shorts in no time after seeing Murray’s example.

  2. So you still think there is public transport? 😉 you may want to check out the main train station, and then say what you think! Lol.
    Ps have you noticed everyone drives over there and that even rental cars are reasonably priced?

    1. Auckland doesn’t have the population density for comprehensive public transport and my sister in law naught us a car before we arrived 🙂 but at least what public transport you have you should make as usable as possiblr

      1. Good to hear you can get around there 🙂 (but I still think it is more about the attitudes were people choose not/ are not used to use the public transport…)

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