Villa Cahaya

The second villa we stayed in was very much modern Bali where the first was more traditional.

Villa Cahaya was in the same area of Seminyak, behind 66 beach. This time though we were further from the beach in a kind of no-mans-land between the shopping street next to the beach and the main road through Seminyak. This means except going to the cafe at the end of the lane it’s quite a walk to things. So first piece of advice would be to hire scooters if you’re staying here. Now clearly that doesn’t work with kids so get used to taxis, but the are cheap so it’s not such a big deal.

Yup that’s the view as you walk in the door. The pool is really nice and whilst not long enough for an adult to do lengths a good distance for kids. The downside is that it doesn’t have a shallow end, there is a seat along one end that the kids can stand on but you are going to be busy.

The living area is the full length of the garden with windows that can be slid back so that it’s open. Also means you don’t have to worry about the kids getting up and jumping in the pool. There is a little kitchen but we didn’t cook and having Warung Cahaya at the end of the lane means you don’t need to. A nice touch was having the Apple TV so they you can put the films from your computer onto the TV easily.
The bedrooms are behind and both have their own bathrooms. Nice and large, good beds not really much more to say. The bathrooms are clean and modern but done badly. 2 showers in each bathroom but only 1 with hot water. If you use that one then it sprays out of the bath and all down the wall. stick on hooks that keep falling off. Just no thought put into how they’d be used.
But the 2 main things that would put us off coming back are. That there are glass blocks in the wall that let the sun light in. This makes lie-ins really difficult especially with little ones. Also even though it’s set back from the road as there are no buildings in between it is noisy. The motor bikes start at 4 am and then the roosters kickoff at 6. We kept eating chicken hoping that these roosters would be on the plate!
Overall the enjoyed our time there but didn’t get enough sleep.

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