Sierra Cafe – Henderson

Yes I know it's out west and back of beyond but it's where the visa office is. It was worrying looking like McDonalds was going to be our only option until we spotted the big cafe sign. Turned out to be a good spot as it's next to a liqueur store and allowed me to... Continue Reading →

Zirka Circus

Took the kids to Zirka Circus today, here's what we thought. Zirka is a new circus in New Zealand, no animals, just people, so a real modern circus. But this isn't some multimillion dollar production. For example 2 adult and 2 kid tickets came to NDZ 120 which won't even get you a midlevel ticket... Continue Reading →

Villa Cahaya

The second villa we stayed in was very much modern Bali where the first was more traditional. Villa Cahaya was in the same area of Seminyak, behind 66 beach. This time though we were further from the beach in a kind of no-mans-land between the shopping street next to the beach and the main road... Continue Reading →

Bali airport

I re-blogged a post about the airport and here is my view.Arrival It is relatively hassle free, but it does take time. The queues for the vision arrival (USD 25) and immigration are long and slow. So be prepared with things to amuse the kids if you have had a long flight. There are people... Continue Reading →

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