Warung Italia

We wanted to give the girls some pasta and so popped into Warung Italia on Jl. Kunti.

We have eaten in a few places along Jl. Kunti and it has to be said this place stands out. Not in a gastronomic delight or anything but very kitsch Italian kind of way.

If you’re with kids my first advice is to turn right as you enter and go into the indoor section as this is the non-smoking. Also you get to see the big clay pizza oven and the chefs at work which the kids will find fascinating.

As you may have already guessed that by having a big clay pizza oven pizza is their speciality. We sailed into the wind and ordered pasta instead. Spaghetti Bolognese for the kids and 2 types of ravioli for us, fungi for my wife and pesto for me. Finally to be healthy a mixed salad.

The Bolognese was fine and the kids did ok with it. My ravioli was rely nice if slightly salty. The reason for ordering it was that I couldn’t think of a time that the kids had tried it and it’s always good to expand their palates. Unfortunately they weren’t feeling adventurous this evening but still it was a nice change for me. The fungi ravioli was with a creamy source and again well cooked. Having seen the pizzas at some of the other tables though I do wish that I had tried those instead.

Add in a juice, diet coke and a beer and it all came to IDR 219,000. Lets be honest you can’t really argue when we’ve fed 4 for a little over 20 sing dollars.

Warung Italia
Jl. Kunti No. 2 Seminyak

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