Wild boar goulash! How could we not go!

We did go past this Swiss restaurant several times before deciding to go. It didn’t really stand out from the road and wasn’t until we saw the wild boar sign that we decided to go.
I had the wild boar goulash which was fantastic with very tender boar. We went for 2 different types of sausages shared between my wife and the girls. St. Galler veal bratwurst and weisswurst. Loved the St. Galler but the weisswurst didn’t have much taste and really needed the mustard.
Having been in Asia for so long seeing 11 different potato side dishes was over whelming and luckily we already had potatoes with our main dishes. We did order a side of sautéed veggies that had been lightly done to maintain their texture.
Add in a water, beer and glass of wine and it came to IDR 387,000.
This unremarkable restaurant, from the outside, is worth a visit. They have made a real effort inside for example the ladies toilets has a couple of trees that are shrines in it.

Jl. Nakula

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