Coffee in Bali

Just ordered a luwak or wild civet coffee, yup the cat poo one. Anyway going to give a quick overview of the coffees I have drunk.
So basically the way I see it there are 3 basic levels of coffee here.
Bali coffee or ABC coffee at ~5k
Expresso based coffees with your lattes from 25-32k
Luwak ~125k
Yup there’s a bit of a jump to the cat poo one. Anyway starting at the top.
Bali coffee is what you get in the local places such as our local Cahaya Warung. As with most local coffees in the region, it’s made with sugar and some condensed milk but never enough for it to actually look white. Not as sweat as you’d get at your local hawker in Singapore but more sludge in the bottom. ABC is a local favorite brand and didn’t taste that different to me.
Your expresso based drinks here are pretty much what you’ll find the world over nowadays. With so many Australians visiting here, that has clearly rubbed off, so you’ll find their slightly different names rather than the British or American names. But how many ways are there really to mix coffee, milk and foam?
When I ordered the luwak there was a great deal of “are you sure he ordered that” and confusion. They eventually got their act together and the beans were freshly ground. They used the expresso machine, I had no idea how they were going to make it to be honest. I’m guessing it can be used in any coffee making machine. The next question was with or with out milk? I decided to go without as what’s the point in buying something that’s 4 times the price and losing all the flavor to milk? So here we go sat on the beach drinking a coffee I first heard about watching the bucket list. Well it tastes like coffee. Perhaps a bit smoother and lemony around the side of the tongue but not earth shattering different like a really good red wine.

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