As you can probably tell by the title this is a Japanese sushi restaurant. We ended un in here by accident as we had been heading somewhere else but due to the taxi driver going the wrong way we ended up here instead.

We have taken our kids to sushi restaurants before so we weren’t too worried about them eating raw fish and we aways order a couple of cooked things for them anyway. This one is a conveyer belt style which proved to be great. We were seated in a booth with one end at the conveyer belt so we dangerously sat the kids at that end. Luckily neither of them go anything stuck in the belt and they were very restrained about taking things off after an initial explanation that they had to ask first.
We kicked off by ordering some gyoza and vegetable tempura. The gyoza were well seasoned and tasted really good. The tempura were nicely crisp and not oily at all, having kids is always a good test for tempura as you generally have to wait for it to cool down so it can easily go soft.
Now the best bit, we are always prepared parents when going to restaurants with at least a couple of things to do, one arts and crafts (colouring or stickers) and one active thing (play mobile or little people). But this time nothing had to come out of the bag. The kids were so fascinated by seeing all this food go by them constantly that they were entertained the while time. We allowed the eldest to choose things from the belt but this was very much controlled.
All the food was fresh and tasted good. From the conveyor belt we had salmon and tuna rolls, salmon and tuna nigiri, chicken avocado roll and edamame for savory. For desert we took mellon balls (3 different types) and brownies (nice and moist) but the really experimentally thing we ordered. Nutella maki was something we had not come across before. The rice really calmed it down so it wasn’t sickly sweet but still an interesting taste.
A nice change and surprisingly a big hit with the kids. The one surprise was that they didn’t have green tea which we always have in Singapore.
Add in 2 waters and a beer and it came to IDR 391,000.
Jl. Camplung Tanduk

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