Bali Digest – The End

Well our holiday is over, so here are my final thoughts but there are a bunch of posts about Bali still scheduled to come.

We stayed in Seminyak, which some folks have said is one of the more expensive parts of Bali even so your Singapore dollar goes a long way. We unintentionally stayed south of the main district and wondered why a lot of the restaurants weren’t full. As you may have read a lot of our meals out cost IDR 300K-400K or under SGD 50 for a family of 4. At our local warung we could have omelettes for all of us for around SGD 10!

Bali is a great temperature and we only really realised it when we got back home. I have gone through serval t-shirts today as it’s so hot and sticky.

Not many thoughts but had a really good time chilling out at the pool and beach.

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