Blue 9 Beach

Back at the beach but this time sitting on beanbags on the beach itself for lunch.

Up until now we had always gone onto the road behind the beach for our lunches. But turning right as you come on to 66 beach opens up a new world of eateries.
Blue 9 Beach or B9B is one of a few that provide beanbags under umbrellas as well as tables and chairs behind. Good places to chill-out and watch the surfers.
B9B serves up the normal range of local food and western sandwiches but also tapas.
We went for the calamari fritti and 3 tapas dishes; pizza bread, chicken fingers and mini seafood spring rolls.
The calamari was cooked well, not chewy, and breadcrumbed. Same for the chicken which was fine but the girls preferred the squid. The pizza bread was yummy with plenty of toppings but surprisingly the girls weren’t interested, probably looked too healthy. The only thing that was disappointing were the spring rolls, didn’t really taste if anything.
Three good milkshakes brought the total to IDR 242,000. Would definitely recommend this place as a good one to stay on the beach but get out if the sun.
Blue 9 Beach
Double Six Beach, Seminyak

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