Made’s Warung

Another one from the list that you’ll probably be able to find many write ups about, but we had a good time so I’m going to tell you about it.

Madge’s Warung is a courtyard style restaurant on the main shopping strip in Seminyak. The tables are I. The centre of the courtyard and the edge is surrounded by shops. The shops are lovely and all boutique. Funnily enough the one shop we found good was the normal book shop that had a good range of childrens’ books.
The other unique thing about the place is the stage at one end. Each evening they have a different show of local dancing or music. This was he highlight of the evening and the girls just loved it. The performers were also happy to have photos with the kids.

The food was also good we has gado gado which is different at every place we order it, funny how many ways there are to do vegetables with a peanut sause. Nasi goreng special for the girls, meat on a stick always goes down well and the rice was good.

I experimented with pepesan ikan or spicy fish 2 ways. My wife preferred the kind of patty style one where as I preferred the chunky one. Both were very good and seasoned with lemon grass. Finally for mains we also had lumpia vegetables which were crunchy and garlicky.
The deserts were wonderful, fruit salad was fresh and as you’d expect. Where as the chocolato mousse was creamy and gone quickly. The other cakes and chocolates also looked grand.
Add in a couple of juices, waters and beers and it all came to IDR 360,000.
Made’s Warung
Raya Seminyak


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      1. That’s one of my personal creeds – if I’m blown away by the food, ambience, service at a restaurant I tell myself that I shouldn’t go back as the second time around never seems to live up to my memories/expectations. Naughty Nuri’s is an exception to the rule.

      2. We travel back to Bali in early September and we’ve already made reservations at three new restaurants that we’ve never tried before.

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