D’Lande Cafe

Found my favorite cafe in Bali, I have liked others but this one has that little extra.

This is first biker cafe! It’s next door and part of a Harley Davidson rental place. I’m no biker but they have done out this place very well. There are lots if picture and little sayings on the walls. The guys behind the counter are friendly and helpful but not over the top.

We sat upstairs where they have a large blackboard explaining the whole coffee process. They might like their bikes but they also like their coffee.

As we were there for the girls morning tea I passed on the burning coffees which look great. So it was latte for me and hot chocolates for the girls. Mine went down very smoothly and there were no complaints from the girls. The pain au chocolat was good but should have asked for it cold as the chocolate went all over the kids, but they had fun. The raisin roll Danish though was over cooked unfortunately, I really must remember to ask for things cold!
Also it was handy that they had games, snakes & ladders, chess and mancala. The girls had great fun moving the marbles around, we simplified the rules but will have to get a set for home.
Jl. Sunset Toad no. 88

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