Bali Digest 3

Some more thoughts from Bali. Taxis

Taxis have got so much better in SEAsia. When we first got here trying to get one outside of Singapore that would use the meter was a battle every time. Now whilst there will be the odd one trying it on generally if you ask they out it on straightaway.

So we were a little surprised to get attitude from one the other night as our trip wasn’t going to be long enough. Made sure there was no tip for him!

There is one area that they still aren’t good at and that’s change. So you do need to buildup a supply of smalls for taxis.


In Singapore the Internet just works. No surprise with something like 80% of the population with smart phones. Just to put that into perspective the USA is about 20% less than that.

One of the things that the BBC radio show The Click keeps reminding listeners is that technology needs to be location appropriate. Meaning (among other things) that 3G or even cable Internet is not everywhere.

Today was supposed to be one of those idyllic moments, sat in a cafe on the beach with my laptop looking out at the surfers whilst I was doing a job application. As it turned out, the first place the WIFI wasn’t connected to the internet, they still gave me the password anyway. At the second place the link kept dropping meaning that I kept losing the stuff I had input. A frustrating 45 mins when I could have been playing on the beach……..

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