Warung Cahaya

This is a local Warung that it’s very unlikely you’ll come across or go to unless you stay in a villa next door.

Warung Cahaya is in no-mans land between the main road and the beach in Seminyak. An area not fully developed with fields dotted with villas and other developments many still under construction. Few tourists will go past the end of the road let alone down here. It doesn’t offer free wifi or have an extensive menu but we like it.
Being at the end of the lane for our villa obviously helps, so I can pop out and get a Bali coffee easily. But also the food is good, there are the toasted sandwiches and omelets (cheese, ham and tomato or any combination there of) which keep the kids happy. They also do a good range if local stuff including the obligatory nasi goreng and mie goreng range. Also other dished such as chicken with sweet sour or chili or garlic butter sause. This menu is actually starting to sound quite extensive….
You can go on/in as many traditional/local tours or restaurants but until your the only nonlocal faces in the place it’s not what the locals do or where they eat. At the end of the day that’s why I like it……oh and the food and coffee is good.

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