Naughty Nuri’s Warung

This is one that you will probably find written about all over. Even the taxi driver said he drops several people off here everyday.

We went to the Seminyak one but apparently the original is elsewhere in Bali. The decor is great with big pig statues everywhere including hanging from the ceiling. It’s all about those pigs’ ribs being cooked on the BBQ.
So yup we had to go for the pork ribs BBQ. They were probably the meatiest ribs I have ever had.
We also got the Italian sausage which was slightly spicy so the kids didn’t like it but the adults did. Chicken satay, meat on a stick is always good. Then an attempt to be healthy with sautéed veggies (which had a good garlic taste) and sweet potato fries which were great. The best veggie was the corn again on a big stick and smeared with spices.
We got our own table but if it’s full there are several shared tables.
Add in a couple of beers, a G&T, a juice and water it all came to IDR 574,000. Do note that credit cards are only accepted for IDR 800,000 bills.
Naughty Nuri’s Warung




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