Cafe Rawit

Ventured a little further this time but only a couple of mins in a taxi. The thing that attracted us to Cafe Rawit was the inventive kids meals.

So let’s get straight into the kids meals. There are 2 options but both our kids went for the rice one over the noodles. It came with breaded chicken pieces and veggies. But the best part was the smiley face that is drawn with ketchup on the rice.

My wife went for the capcay goreng which seamed to go on for ever and was her favorite dish of the trip so far.
I went for the nasi goreng special which was ok but not that special. Once u found out that the goat was off the menu I should have tried something else.
With a scooter in the corner of the room it’s a fun place to go and the staff were all friendly. So this one goes down as a recommend especially as with a beer, water and juice it came to IDR 165,000.
Cane Rawit
Jl. Kunti I No. 8


We have been again this time I had the Gulai Kambing (goat curry) which was fabulously spicy and tangy with the goat being very tender.  My wife had the kway teow ayam which was lovely and sweet and again it only came to IDR 164,000.

Photos from the first visit:




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