Cafe Seminyak

As we were driving in from the airport things all of a sudden looked a bit familiar. About 4 years ago we also stayed in Seminyak at a villa with a very distinctive logo. Well Cafe Seminyak is right at their entrance and some where we went for takeaways that time too.

We have already been to Cafe Seminyak twice so I should probably do the write up for both visits as the first was a morning tea and the second a lunch takeaway.
Morning Tea
This is a good spot for morning tea as it allows one of the parents to do a supermarket shop at the same time. Whilst it only has normal table and chairs the decor is suitable entertaining for the kids.

The coffee is good and they also to that coffee that’s gone through a civet. Thinking about trying it whilst we are here to see if I can tell the difference. Back on track the kids had a fress juice which was also fun as it comes in a jar-glass. We also had doughnuts which unfortunately weren’t fresh that day but got finished. We probably won’t get there for tea again but that’s more to do with the distance, they do have a good range if deserts so I think it’s a decent place to go.

Lunch Takeaway
As it was a lunch takeaway I tried to go for sandwiches but they do “proper” food as well. Ordered a chicken foccacia, baguette with meatballs and smoked marlin salad. Don’t know why I thought that the salad was a sandwich.

The smoked fish was ok but not something that is get again. The feta cheese in the salad was plentiful but not a good example but the lettuce was fine. The baguette with meatballs came stuffed with chips as well which was a surprise. Worked well and the tomato sause for the meet balls had a nice little spiciness to them. That best of all was the chicken foccacia was the best. Tenderoist chicken in a creamy sauce. Will happily get another takeaway, especially as it means your can pop into the supermarket to grab somethings as they are cooking it.
The takeaway came to IDR 203,000 can’t remember the cost of morning tea.
Cafe Seminyak
Bintang Supermarket (yup the folks that also do beer)
Jl. Raya Seminyak no 17

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