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100 posts, wow that feels like a lot. Seams like a good point to reflect on how things are going and have a look at the reasons I started doing this.

I still enjoy writing posts which is the main thing. Initially it was all structured with posts 4 times a week and a week or so planned out in advance. Trying to balance the different types of posts between things to do, restaurant reviews and digest posts. Now it’s much less structured with me posting in blocks and having big gaps when there’s nothing to write or it’s all too busy. Bit surprised that people actually read it to be honest. Guess I understand the restaurant reviews, as I put the links in hungry go where but not so sure about the rest.
It would be easy to get seduced into only writing restaurant reviews, as they get by far the most views. What they don’t get though are followers. Longterm I think followers are what matter, this is from a blogging novice still who’s stumbling along though. Another problem with going down the pure restaurant review path is that there are so many food/restaurant blogs in Singapore. Eating and hanging out in malls are the two national past times.
When I started, I looked around and there didn’t seam to be any Singapore expat dad blog/writers out there so I thought there might be a niche I could fill. Amusingly I get read by more mums than dads (well from the comments anyway) which probably explains why there are more mum than dad blogs.
The initial reason for doing the blog was as a platform to move into writhing or journalism as a reviewer. So with over nine months of blogging am I anywhere nearer to that goal? No not really, I should go back and read some of the original posts and see if my writing has changed/improved. One of the things is if you want to be good at something in life it’s going to take time and effort. That’s not something I have done with my writing. I generally don’t proof read my posts, find other reviews of the same restaurants and compare what they said or when I read something I like figure out what about that writer I like and if there is anything I can learn from them. I also don’t go back and read my stuff to see how I could write it better. So I’m not upset that these goals haven’t been met, also I can’t see them happening soon as we are about to move country and I’ll be looking for a new job, so going to be busy with other things.
Overall I’m surprised and impressed to have reached one hundred posts. The next hundred are going to see a lot of change in my life, let’s see what change will happen in the blog.

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  1. Congrats on a hundred!

    Yes, I think writing does take effort to do well and then the pro bloggers are always talking about how that’s only 20% of the work anyway (actually less – writing, doing up the visuals, then 80% promotion which of course is the part everyone hates).

    But you will certainly be busy so best to keep it in perspective. Just catching up on your travels. Can’t believe you’re off!

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