ARAK Coffee

I had the girls for the morning whilst my wife went off to yoga. So after a quick dip in the pool we headed up to ARAK Coffee at the end of our lane for morning tea.

Apparently ARAK stands for Arabica Robusta Asli Kintamani whatever that means. It’s a small little cafe that you’ll easily pass and may even think is closed, the staff hangout the back when they have no customers.
Luckily the coffee is good and they have a good sofa for the kids to play on.
We got a pain au chocolat, brownie and coconut biscuits. The kids liked the pain au chocolat but it was a day old. The brownie was much better nice and moist. Probably should have known when later I saw the Bowes all gone but the other pain au chocolat still sat there. The coconut biscuits were a tad solid this didn’t deter my youngest from chomping through hers.
Probably be back but mainly for the coffee and it’s at the end of the lane.
ARAK Coffee
Jl. Legian Kaja

Ok we have been again this time my wife had the hot chocolate with hints of caramel, that got the seal of approval.



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