Cafe Asia

Sat in Cafe Asia writing this waiting for another takeaway. Guess that says enough in its self.

So this time ordering chicken schnitzel, BLT and a Greek salad. But last time we had spaghetti bolognase, pad Thai and beef rendang.
The girls shared the Bolognese and both enjoyed it, not too much tomato sauce and enough beef.
The rendang was tasty with good veggies as well as chunky beef. But it wasn’t spicy hot as you wills expect. Worked out well for us as we could give the kids some veggies but not what you might be extevting. The pad Thai was good and had a nice kick. Again not the normal serving with the chopped peanuts and dried chillies on the side but with everything already mixed in.
With a small beer whilst I was waiting it came to IDR 202,000.
It’s now tomorrow so I can write up the second meal as well. The chicken schnitzel was crisp on the outside and moist on the inside, very good and scoffed by the kids. A pleasant surprise was also the sautéed vegetables that came with it. The BLT wasn’t so great with the toast a bit cold and soft Aldo the bacon was cold. The Greek salad tasted good but as always with takeaway salad didn’t look the best as it gets shaken up on the way home. A good serving of goats cheese which is rare to see out here in SEAsia.
This time with a bottle of water it can to IDR 187,000.
So good value and I think I’ll be back for more takeaways.
Cafe Asia
Jl. Raya Legian no. 463

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