Bali Digest

Just a couple of thoughts from our first few days here.

Bring a torch! The little allies that villas are down are generally badly lit so you’ll want one to get home. Also yesterday was the first time in a long time that I’ve experienced a power cut. Candle light dinners are fun but you can’t see what you’re eating.
Rustic living is great except for the mosquitos. I now truly appreciate how much Singapore fogs everything to death. Sure it’s probably an ecological disaster, but my daughter doesn’t sport 5 bites on her face when she’s back home.
Cash is king, I’m so used to throwing everything on the plastic. Hope we have enough cash, as even the supermarket doesn’t take credit cards. The few places that do so far have all added 3%. Guess it goes to show how little proper travel we have done over the last couple of years to have forgotten this.

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