The Jaya Pub

Our first day has just been about settling in. Basically a trip to the supermarket and that’s it. Just the same for dinner, the closest place.
From outside the Jaya Pub looks like many places we have eaten in the region. Open fronted bar and restaurant, fair basic wooden chairs and tables. The staff are friendly enough and we were clearly too early as the place was empty. When I say they were friendly that was when we could get their attention, but this is laid back Bali so no surprise there.
I had special nasi goring, really not sure what was special about it. Tasted fine and the rice was good. But the chicken was really small and the satay cold.

My wife had the beef satay, which funnily enough was also cold. We got the kids their favorite, which is fish and chips. Looked very ordinary but the kids polished it off.

We then had fresh fruit salad and banana pancakes for pud. Fruit salad was what you’d expect, banana, papaya, watermelon and pineapple. You probably wouldn’t expect them to use the same chopping board as the garlic. The banana pancake with ice cream was good and thankfully the girls were full by this point so I got some.
With a big beer, glass of wine and an orange juice it came to 390,000 IDR.
Really hope that there are some other places within waking distance that we can go to.

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