Bali – The beginning

So here we are in Bali for a few weeks. I’ll try to find time to write up the places we go to, between sitting by the pool and on the beach.
First up, the non-parents that have stumbled on this blog will be thinking how can he not have time? The parents will be thinking how delusional I am that I’ll be doing any sitting.
For the flights we flew KLM, because they were cheeper than the budget airlines! So hint 1 (and maybe the only decent hint) is check out the tradition carriers too for flights. Pleasant flight as they had Frozen on for the girls! Also a good little bag of stuff to do that we are using for restaurants.
We have booked 2 villas, one after the other. We’re not being that extravagant to have 2 at the same time just for blogging review purposes. Anyway hint 2, get the villa to have a driver pick you up from the airport as finding these places is impossible! They are all down what appear to be unmarked random alleyways.
We are staying in Seminyak so if you have any recommendations on places to eat or things to do please post below.

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