Ok I know I’m not super dad and basically bumbling along doing the best I can. So please help me.

What do you do what your daughter likes a character from a move that’s not a main one?
My youngest one loves the turtles from Rio 2. But as they are bit parts (very cool ones mind you) there is no merchandise for them! All she wants is a little figure of them and all I can find are blue birds, the 2 baddies and Will-I-Am!

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  1. You DIY and/or convince her to suck it up, possibly by emphasising how cool she is that she’s not just blindly following what the marketing people want her to do, because she’s her own thinker and won’t be indoctrinated by the capitalist/consumerist machine. In fact, if you talk for long enough about the capitalist machine, you might find she stops asking.

    In the meantime, if you google “turtle crafts for kids” I’m sure you’ll find a lot of options. In fact, I think I saw a home-made felt turtle craft just a week or two ago (didn’t save it, unfortunately).

    1. I don’t think I’ll go down the consumerism route with my 2 year old…. 🙂
      Gone for the distraction technique and bought her the 3 kid birds instead

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