Little things in town

Just a couple of things from being in town the other afternoon.

One thing that I constantly get surprised at are the small things you see around SEAsia from the Empire. Before I left the UK I assumed that they all got destroyed as the locals took over. So see a statue to King George in the HK botanical gardens or a statue of Queen Victoria in the water garden at the Istana always seam out of place. Anyway yesterday noticed a plaque on a building with reference to Our Queen which I found amusing.


The flip side is when you go to a country where there have been hostilities. Many years ago went to a wedding in Cork, Ireland. Seeing memorials to folks who killed your country men have me a moment to reflect. Should be obvious as there are so many in the UK, that they would exist elsewhere on the flip side but it had never occurred to me.

On a lighter note it was really cool seeing some really large moths in town. They were sleeping at the top of columns for the covered walkway near Raffles Place. Sorry but I have no idea what they are even if I did a project on moths as part of my degree a few moons ago…..


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  1. They are tropical swallow-tailed moths. Last plague of them was 2005, and they are everywhere again. There was a thing in the Straits Times last week(?) – we know all this because P found one and took it to school and the first guy who saw us on the street filled us in on half and then the rest unfolded as the day wore on.

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